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SQL queries

SQL queries

SQL queries settings

Doc Wiki Defines whether SQL queries generated by phpMyAdmin should be displayed
Doc Wiki Whether a warning ("Are your really sure...") should be displayed when you're about to lose data
Doc Wiki Enable if you want DB-based query history (requires phpMyAdmin configuration storage). If disabled, this utilizes JS-routines to display query history (lost by window close).  
Doc Wiki How many queries are kept in history comment
Doc Wiki If enabled, phpMyAdmin continues computing multiple-statement queries even if one of the queries failed
Doc Wiki Show affected rows of each statement on multiple-statement queries. See libraries/import.lib.php for defaults on how many queries a statement may contain.
Doc Wiki Maximum number of characters used when a SQL query is displayed
Doc Wiki Edit SQL queries in popup window
Doc Wiki Tab displayed when opening a new query window
SQL Query box

Customize links shown in SQL Query boxes

Doc Wiki
Doc Wiki
Doc Wiki
Doc Wiki Requires SQL Validator to be enabled i
Doc Wiki
SQL Validator

If you wish to use the SQL Validator service, you should be aware that all SQL statements are stored anonymously for statistical purposes.
Mimer SQL Validator, Copyright 2002 Upright Database Technology. All rights reserved.

Doc Wiki Warning: requires PHP SOAP extension or PEAR SOAP to be installed  
Doc Wiki If you have a custom username, specify it here (defaults to anonymous)  
Doc Wiki